Mobility Scooters, what you need to know!

Veleco Mobility Scooters provide independence and the opportunity for freedom outdoors, no matter what the weather. If you have a scooter, or you are thinking of getting one, it’s very important to know where you are entitled to drive them.


Mobility Scooters come in two categories, Class 2 and Class 3. You can use to both classes to travel on a footpath but it must be at a reduced speed of 4mph max. Class 3 Scooters are allowed on the footpath, but they are also road legal. Never leave your scooter parked whilst unattended on the footpath as it can cause an obstruction to other footpath users. Class 2 scooters are typically smaller and designed for folding down to fit in a car boot, this makes them a great option if you want to go on holiday as most airlines, ferries or coaches will allow you to travel with them.

Bus & Cycle Lanes

You cannot take your scooter into bus or cycle lane.


You can only travel on the road with a class 3 scooter, class 2 scooters are not meant to be driven on the road. Our Veleco class 3 scooters come with a top speed of up to 25mph, all come with suspension for a smoother ride over bumpy terrain and are designed to have similar features to a car, such as indicators, lights, hazard lights, a horn, and rear-view mirrors. The rules of the road for cars applies to mobility scooters too!

Dual Carriageways

Did you know you can drive class 3 mobility scooters on dual carriageways? The rules are you must have your warning hazards on to alert other road users. It is always a good idea to wear a high visibility vest too, it will add to your safety whilst travelling on dual carriage ways, roads and footpaths.


It is illegal to take any mobility scooter on a motorway.

Public Transport

Rules vary from company to company so it’s always best to check in advance.


To travel on Dublin Bus with your mobility scooter you must have a permit. This is because some mobility scooters are too big to fit on Dublin Bus buses. To find out if your scooter is the correct size and to arrange a permit, contact Dublin Bus’s Travel Assistance.


Class 3 scooters are not permitted on trains. You will require a permit and most trains will allow you to use the disabled area of the train.


You are entitled to use your mobility scooter in shops and shopping centres. This applies to scooters as well as wheelchairs. Again plan ahead, especially if you have a larger class 3 scooter as they’re more difficult to navigate in confined areas, or smaller shops. Indoors to avoid damage or collisions you should turn the speed to the lowest setting.

Finally, safe travelling and explore your newfound freedom.