Coming soon – Foldable Electric Wheelchair!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Velecco’s Cosmo Electric Wheelchair. A light weight, foldable, comfortable chair that will give you the freedom to go places.

The Cosmo is easily controlled with a joystick, which can be located either on the left armrest or the right armrest, depending on individual needs. Easy to operate with one finger, the control is very responsive.

The chair can also be operated by a carer as it has an electromagnetic brake system located on the two levellers on the rear axle.

Although it is light weight it can support up to 15.7st / 100kg. The Cosmo is easily foldable which allows for transport. It weighs 25.5kg / 4.3st. It can travel at 6km per hour and go a distance of 15km on a single charge. It is powered by a lithium-Ion battery.

We will have a test model available soon. What this space!!