Save money whilst charging your scooter

What is the best way to economically charge your scooter?

Overnight will give you the best tariffs / rates.

Charging after each use is important.

Are you are worried about over charging or forgetting to charge your scooter?

We would recommend a plug in timer.

These are available in most hardware stores at less than €15.00.

This will allow you the control over the charging time and once it is set, you just need to plug your scooter in and that’s it!

Are there different types of plug in chargers?

Yes there are!

There is a manual and there is also a digital timer which will give you a display.

They are both easy to set up and will save you some too.

Are there any other benefits to a plug in timer?

Yes, they are super handy if you are going on holiday.

You can set the timers so that the scooter charges every night – this would be with the basic timer.

Digital timers give you more options to select dates and times for charging i.e. if you wanted to charge your scooter every other day whilst you are away. 


Digital Plug Timer

Manual Plug Timer