Cleaning and maintaining your mobility scooter

Keeping your mobility scooter clean

Firstly, we live in Ireland and as you well know, it hasn’t stopped raining for the last 6 weeks!

Depressing, I know, it is August!

That said, keeping your mobility scooter clean is essential.

Let’s discuss some tips to keep your mobility scooter clean and in tip top condition.

Regularly clean your mobility scooter.

Dirt can build up over time.

Use soap and warm water and apply with a clean cloth.

Avoid using commercial car cleaning products as these could damage the paintwork on your mobility scooter.

Always make sure you dry your scooter thoroughly after cleaning.

Be careful around the electrical components on your mobility scooter by avoiding applying too much water – the cloth should just be damp.

Keeping your tyres clean.

Keeping your tyres clean is also an opportunity to check for wear and tear.

Remember your tyres are the only thing between you and the road, it is essential to keep them clean and in good condition.

Check your tyres for any stones or debris between the threads, if you see anything lodged in the tyre, try to remove with a blunt implement. This will avoid damage to the tyre.

Clean your tyres with warm water using a dampened cloth.

Do not use soap or other cleaning products as these could make the tyres slippery.

Use a scooter cover.

These are an excellent investment, especially if you store your mobility scooter outside.

Keep your mobility scooter covered when not in use.

We at are always here to give advice on how to maintain your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. A well-maintained scooter will ensure that it lasts longer.