Make Way Day 2023

This years Make Way Day was a tremendous success across the country. Many groups participated including walking groups, cycling groups, those who use mobility aids and those who have reduced vision.

The aim of the day was not to point the finger of blame but to highlight the daily obstacles that are faced by people with disabilities every day. It may seem to be something that would not hinder those with full mobility, but it can cause frustration for those who cannot navigate footpaths and roads due to the use of mobility or guidance aids. The “sure I will only be a few minutes so I will park my vehicle inappropriately” but this could cause a problem for someone else.

Make Way Day is to raise awareness and ask that people think about the options they have and the difference it would make to someone else. Things like the placement of wheelie bins, sandwich boards, bicycles and cars can all cause stress to others. Dog poo is another problem for all path users but most especially those who use a wheelchair or use a white cane because they have reduced vision. Picking up after your dog is so important, also don’t allow your dog to wander the streets unattended.

There are so many little things that we could all do to make life easier for someone else. At the end of the day – Access is the most fundamental right for those with disabilities.

Freedom Scooters would like to thank all those who participated across the country including An Garda Síochána, all groups, clubs and most especially the Disability Federation of Ireland.