Important Flyer – Dublin Airport

Important Flyer

Important Flyer wristband and lanyard

The “Important Flyer” wristband/lanyard can be provided when travelling through Dublin Airport, these wristbands and Lanyards can help Dublin Airport Staff to identify those who may need additional assistance.

The “Important Flyer” wristband/lanyard can be shown to any Dublin Airport staff member (Customer Care and Security Screening for example) if assistance is required at security, passport control or any area where you may encounter queues or crowds.

Important Flyer and a new Sensory Room

Along with the Important Flyer, Dublin Airport has a purpose-built sensory room, aimed at helping to calm passengers who might feel overwhelmed in busy and unfamiliar airport surroundings, and it is located in Terminal 2.

The new space is located after security screening and just before the 400 gates. It is designed specifically for people with autism, dementia, cognitive impairment or other special needs.

The room is free to passengers departing from the airport, with 60-minute sessions available through a booking system.

Sensory Room Dublin Airport


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