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Information on how to look after your mobility aid. Safety and regularity advice.

Cleaning and maintaining your mobility scooter

Keeping your mobility scooter clean Firstly, we live in Ireland and as you well know, [...]

The Top Veleco Mobility Scooters: A Comprehensive Comparison for Fun and Freedom

Get ready to experience the thrill of mobility with Freedom Scooters’ Veleco brand, where style, [...]

Save money whilst charging your scooter

What is the best way to economically charge your scooter? Overnight will give you the [...]

Exploring the Benefits of Mobility Scooters for Seniors: Stay Active and Independent

As we age, staying active and maintaining independence becomes increasingly important. That’s where mobility scooters [...]

The 5 advantages to owning an Electric Wheelchair

The Veleco Cosmo Electric Wheelchair Are you considering upgrading to an electric wheelchair? You might [...]

Looking after your tyres.

Your tyres are a very important part of your mobility scooter. Things you should do [...]

Your Battery Life is very important!

Don’t forget…every time you use your scooter, charge your batteries OVERNIGHT! You cannot overcharge your [...]

How to apply for a Blue Badge.

Recently a customer asked me about how they would go about getting a Blue Badge, [...]

Taking the hassle out of choosing a Mobility Scooter supplier!

We all know how time-consuming buying something can be. Trawling through the internet looking for [...]

Mobile Scooter Accessories

Along with our award winning range of Veleco scooters we have also supply customers with [...]