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Delivery is included within the cost of our mobility scooters (as shown on the relevant model page).  Delivery takes between 5 & 10 working days and the scooter will arrive fully assembled and ready to go. We also deliver to the UK and Mainland Europe, there is an additional charge for these deliveries.
We are the authorised distributors for the award winning Veleco mobility scooter range. Veleco is renowned for its build quality, long range and faster models. These scooters are designed and assembled in Europe and have won a number of European awards. The Veleco brand has been manufacturing mobility scooters since 2017 and today, Veleco stands tall among top manufacturers of luxurious electric scooters, distributing high quality products across all of Europe.
Yes, all of our mobility scooters are fitted with lights and indicators, which are the legal requirements in Ireland.
The handle on the ZT16 folds down and the seat can be removed to make the scooter fit into most boot spaces. The larger wheels and powerful battery make this model ideal for travelling as it can traverse many terrains, unlike many other foldable mobility scooters.
Yes, the scooter comes with a one-year warranty. The Warranty covers only Veleco-branded products and accessories sold by Freedom Scooters that were distributed with defects resulting from inadequate quality of the material, improper production technology, improper assembly contrary to what the manufacturer warranted in Veleco’s user manuals, technical specifications and other Veleco Product published guidelines for a period of one year from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user. Freedom Scooters does not claim responsibility for damage which is not a direct result of Freedom Scooters’ actions.
Yes, we provide a full range of replacement and spare parts, including replacement batteries and charging cables.
Yes, each product comes with a user manual in English as well as a certificate of EU conformity. Manuals and instructions can also be downloaded from the website.
Yes, the handles and seat can be adjusted on most of our mobility scooters. Each mobility scooter comes with a full user manual.
Yes, all scooters come with some storage. Most models have two large lockable compartments, whilst the ZT16, the foldable option, only comes with a basket. All models come with a shopping bag hook.
The weight capacity varies on each mobility scooter. You will find the weight capacities of each scooter in the specification section of the website.
Most mobility scooters come with a key switch, so you can simply remove the key when the scooter is not in use. The scooters all also come with parking brakes.
A mobility scooter is driven by an electric battery powered motor. Most models use a throttle system, similar to a motorbike, however, the Draco model uses a simple push-button control. The brakes are similar to those found on a pushbike or motorcycle, however, all scooters also have a parking brake. The scooters have three speed levels, so that you can easily control the speed depending on where you are. For example, speed 1 for shopping and speed 3 for road use. All mobility scooters also have a reverse mode, this makes parking and manoeuvring easier.
Yes, we currently have demonstration models of the Faster and ZT63 (Vespa) models. Customers can visit our Gorey office to test drive one of these models and also discuss the differences between the models and have a chance to see the colour options first hand.
Lithium-ion batteries are significantly lighter than lead acid batteries. They are also more efficient with a longer life cycle. Lithium-ion batteries are also accepted on most airlines.
Keep batteries fully charged – Fully charged batteries run very efficiently as they release a small amount of power which is known as a trickle charge. It is advised to charge your scooter after every use, no matter how short the trip. Keep batteries clean – If you use your scooter in the rain and mud it is recommended to wipe them down before putting the scooter away. Also make sure the terminals are greased. Keep batteries cool – Don’t store the scooter or batteries near fires or radiators. The heat could be dangerous and affect the performance of the batteries.
The batteries on a mobility scooter are charged off the mains. The lead and charger are supplied with the mobility scooter.
Yes, you can use all Veleco models in the rain. The Faster & Gravis models comes with the option to purchase a roof, either as part of a package, or separately.

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