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Advice on things to help those with mobility problems. Information on accessible holidays, places to visit. Help with improving mental health and life style.

National Ploughing Championships 2023

I was really looking forward to attending this event as I have never been before. [...]

The Veleco Faster mobility scooter in the Woods!

We took the Veleco Faster mobility scooter to the woods to see how smooth it [...]

The ZT63 Italiano in Courtown Woods by the harbour

The Veleco ZT63 Italiano off road in Courtown Woods [...]

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Stress Life can be stressful for many people, regardless of their circumstance. Stress can start [...]

Exploring Ireland’s Accessible Destinations: Best Places to Visit with a Mobility Scooter

Are you an adventurous spirit longing to explore new places and create unforgettable memories? Look [...]

Wheelchair accessible places to visit in Dublin

We are going to look at some of the best wheelchair accessible places to visit [...]

The Veleco Faster in action by the harbour.

Enjoy a beautiful day out on the Veleco Faster mobility scooter. A dream to ride! [...]

We put the ZT63 to the test!

We said that the ZT63 was an all terrain mobility scooter, just like all our [...]

Help to find accessible parking, new trial.

To help drivers find accessible parking spots in the city, the council plans to trial [...]